CPS®VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)

In the VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) system, Würth SW Industry handles the entire stock management process of clients. This equates to maintaining established levels of stock, managing production supply and processing all demands, ensuring that client needs are met.

Goals of the VMI system

  • Faster, optimised delivery times; Reduced internal movement of materials;
  • Less freight;
  • Less stock obsolescence

Advantages of the VMI system

  • Increased productivity;
  • Fewer suppliers;
  • Traceability of the product;
  • Faster delivery time;
  • Reduced transport;
  • Simplified processes;
  • Better use of factory space;
  • Lower operating costs;
  • Dedicated local service;
  • Production supply and tracking;
  • Management of demand;
  • Standardisation of items, resulting in fewer part numbers